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Pirogovo open-air museum

Museum Pirogovo. KievThere are about 600 of ethnographic open-air museums in the world. The most famous museums in Ukraine are in Uzhgorod, Lviv, Chernovtsy, Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky, Galich. However, the most famous ethnographic open-air museum is located in Pirogovo.

"Pirogovo" is a park-museum of architecture and life near Kiev. The museum was founded in 1969. Its area consists 150 hectares, which locates about 300 objects. Perhaps it is the world's largest open-air museum (Skansen). It’s definitely known that it is the most ambitious in Eastern Europe. Kiev museum differs from its analogues, the square apart, with the fact that its exposition presents the whole country but not the only region. Here are presented such ethnographic regions: "Middle Pridneprovie", "Poltavschina and Slobozhanschina", "Polesye", "Podillya", "South", "Carpathian Mountains". The objects of the museum are original, with rare exceptions, works of folk wooden architecture, carried here from different regions of Ukraine. They were disassembled by parts in different regions of the country, transported here and rebuilt. The oldest exhibit is the house of 1587. There is also a huge collection of folk costumes, furniture, utensils, musical instruments. The museum reproduces mostly the rural life of Ukraine of XVIII - early XX centuries.

Church in Pirogovo MuseumThe museum exhibition is divided into two parts: one represents the architecture and life of pre-revolutionary Ukrainian village, and the second - post-revolutionary. Architectural and landscape panorama is complemented with wooden churches and windmills. The oldest of them is Naddniprianskaya Church (1742). Five ancient churches are still active. There take place services, weddings, baptizing of children.

A distinctive feature of Pirogovo is the theatrical activities that acquaint visitors with the ancient folk customs. Rites are recreated according to the materials of the researches by the museum staffs, who invite folk groups for theatrical performances. During the year, here are organized around 20 both Christian and pagan holidays. During the holidays there are heard folk songs in Pirogovo, often can be seen the folk craftsmen in the work. Here are held the fairs of the folk handicrafts: blacksmiths, potters, casters, weavers and other masters demonstrate their skills for the audience. On Sundays, the museum hosts concerts of the Ukrainian folk ensembles. It is always possible to buy embroidered shirts, towels, ceramics, jewelry etc. Guests of the museum have the opportunity to taste traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine at a restaurant in the museum.

Mill. Pirogovo Museum. KievBut this is not all what the managers of the museum can offer. Recently in Pirogovo was recreated the Czech village of Velke Popovice. Here you can taste traditional Czech beer Velkopopovicky Kozel, listen to the fiery music and admire the Czech culture without crossing the border. Ukraine did not break the tradition of the annual Czech festival of the first beer of the new harvest and opened its festival "Taste of Czech beer". During the festival you can find out what it means to "drive a goat", learn to play football and dance Czech polka.


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