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Pirogov’s estate in Vinnitsa

The estate museum of Pirogov, which has been opened for public in 1947, is situated in Vinnitsa. In this exact house the anatomist, the brilliant scientist, and the specialist in military surgery Nikolay Pirogov used to live for the last 20 years of his life, from 1861 to 1881.

Pirogov’s estate in Vinnitsa

The museum consists of the estate, which has been designed by Pirogov himself, a pharmacy, a park, a garden, and a necropolis church. The church has been constructed in 1885 by a design created by a famous Kiev academic architect Sychugov. The body of the great surgeon has been stored and open for public in the crypt of the necropolis church for 130 years. The Pirogov museum is the only establishment in Ukraine with a unique structure like that.

The museum collection is stored in the gallery of the main house and occupies 10 halls and a pharmacy. One by one, these rooms tell visitors about the life, as well as medical, educational, social and scientific activities of Nikolay Pirogov. Museum funds consist of 16000 original items: printed materials, manuscripts, personal belongings, photographs, surgical instruments, sculptures, lifetime publications by the scholar, canvas, books, and many other things.

Pirogov’s estate in Vinnitsa

In the pharmacy visitors can observe the numerous pieces of pharmacy equipment and medicines that Pirogov used to implement in his own medical practice, as well as antique weights, copies of signatures (or prescriptions) and pharmacy textbooks. Another highlight of the museum are sculptures of Pirogov, a pharmacist, a paramedic, some townspeople and a priest that were created by Britan, a sculptor from Kiev. Nearby the pharmacy there are plants that were used by the pharmacists to prepare medicine. Also there is lab, where Ukrainian and Russian scholars repeat embalming of Pirogov’s body. The local conditions are perfect for storing the body.

Pirogov’s estate in Vinnitsa

The house of the surgeon, as well as the pharmacy and the necropolis church, are historical and architectural sights of state importance and are part of the State register. The park, which occupies 16 hectares, is also a monument of landscape design. There are trees that were planted by the scientist himself and a linden ally, where Pirogov loved to walk.

During the years since the museum was opened, it was visited by 7 million people from 169 countries. The museum is open every day except Mondays from 10am to 5pm.

Address of the estate museum of Pirogov: Vinnitsa, Pirogova street, 155.


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