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Podgorski House. Baron Castle in Kiev

Baron castle is one of the most beautiful and romantic buildings in Kiev. It was built in 1898 by the order of the Poland squire M. Podgorski. The building was later called “Baron castle” because of the castle that stood nearby and belonged to the baron Stengel.

The animal figures at the entrance

Some people thought the Baron owned both buildings, that is why that name got so widespread. The castle looks like a knight’s house because of the images of unreal animals being place at the front. The squire Podgorsky wanted to surprise Kiev with his building and chose the spot near the Golden Gate, at the corner of Yaroslava Valy and Lysenko street. The leading architect was Nikolay Dobachevsky, who also contributed to the construction of the Panama Canal.

Podgorski House. The Baron Castle in Kiev

The house of M. Podgorsky brought large profits. The world “Salve”, which means “hello”, was written in mosaic tiles near the main entrance. At that time the citizens of Kiev thought a tycoon prince lived in that building because of the cigarettes that had the same name. but that were just rumors.

M. Podgorski had live in the house only for 3 years and then died. After his death a sweetshop was opened in the building. Later it became famous under the name of “At the Golden Gate”.

Since 1912 the first floor of the “Baron Castle” hosted a cinema. From 1920 to the early 2000 there were communal apartments with exceptionally tall ceilings. A lot of rooms still have a gothic look, various mantelpieces and other chic interior elements. In the early 2000s all inhabitants of the communal apartments were ordered to move, and now the castle stands empty.


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