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Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

The young Ukrainian city Kharkov has over 150 parks. All of them are located in various parts of the city and are kept in different states. However, one of the most remarkable is the Pokrovsky park, which is rightfully considered a remarkable site.

Pokrovsky park in Kharkov

Pokrovsky park in Kharkov is situated down the Khalturin street, which borders the Universitetskaya street from the west. After this park was founded in 1960, it was named Terrasny.

The construction began in 1951. Previously this place was hosting the old “Passage”, which used to belong to the merchant Paschenko-Tryapkin. After the “Passage” was destroyed by the German troops during the World War II, the place was decorated with flower beds, paths and fountains.

Stairs in the park

The new name, Pokrovsky, was given to the park in 2009 by the community of Holy Protection Monastery, who received the park in their possession. Shortly after this the reconstruction began. Now Kharkov citizens and guests can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the park that can be seen from its upper terrace. Also you can see the Zalopanskaya part of Kharkov, the Proletarskaya square and the Annunciation Cathedral. The main square of Pokrovsky park is decorated to Ukrainian philosopher Skovorodal, which was created by architect Shkodovsky and sculptor Kavaleridze. Nearby the monument there is a place where Kharkov fortress used to stand.

An alley in the park

The indication of the fact that the park belongs to the Holy Protection Monastery, besides its name, is the cross that tops the fountain. The water here was consecrated by Metropolitan of Kharkov.

The local landscape and atmosphere is expecially beloved by local artists, who come here to show their works, sell them and use the inspiration from the nature to create new masterpieces.

Address of Pokrovsky park: Soborny descent street (Khalturina descent).


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