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Museum of the police in Kharkov

Museum of the policeMuseum of the police in Kharkov is one of the most interesting places to visit, because it offers a rather extensive exposition for tourists, which was collected over a fairly long period of existence of the museum.

The uniqueness of the Kharkov police museum is in the fact that there were only a few such museums in the former Soviet Union, but after the collapse of the country the museum in Kharkov gradually began to decline.

Kharkov police museumThe Kharkov police museum was newly opened in 1995 with the start of works on the full restoration of the museum with the support of the chief of regional management of home affairs in Kharkov region, Vitali Musyka. He also contributed to the installation and unveiling of the monument to policemen, killed by criminals in peacetime. Thus, the memorial has been completely restored and repaired.
The Museum of the police contains unique exhibits: counterfeit currency and documents seized from villains, different variations of homemade Museum of the police in Kharkovweapons and even a grand British Police Helmet, brought from Britain as a gift. In addition, the exposition of the museum displays the entire process of becoming of law enforcement in Kharkov since the founding of the city.

Currently the police memorial is unique in the entire territory of Ukraine. It is visited by all the high official guests of the country.


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