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Poshtova square in Kiev

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, has a long and fascinating history. If you want to find out more about this city, even a week will not be enough to thoroughly observe its history. That is why if you are limited in time but want to learn as much as possible, start your tour with Poshtova square. Even in the earlier days this square was densely populated with traders and other people.

Poshtova square in Kiev

The location of the square, which is filled with exciting events that took place here during the centuries of its existence, is wonderful enough. Besides that, there are also monuments to the first Kiev tram and mariners of the Dnieper navy, as well as a water bus station. Also there is a Church of the Nativity, which was built in the XV century and has been destroyed during wars and out of atheistic moods more than once. The last time it were Bolsheviks who destroyed it, but since then the attitude towards religion in the society changed, and not long ago Kiev officials decided to reconstruct the church. In the XIX century Pochtovaya square was also known as Nativity square due to the name of the church. This name must have been especially impressive during Christmas holidays.

Church of Nativity in Kiev

However, the name of “Poshtova” was given to the square not too long ago, in the early XVIII, even though the post office building appeared there only in mid XIX century. This building used to be known as “Post station” and had its own historic value, as during the years of its existence until 1919 it not only managed post, but also had its own telegraph, a hotel, a public transportation services and its own stables and stagecoaches.

Kiev funicular

You can get to Poshtova square along a lot of routes. You can ride a funicular from the upper city, or come by underground and get off at Poshtova square station, or walk down Vladimirsky or Borychiv descents. You can also get there by riding down Naberezhnoe highway or take the most romantic route by a water bus that rides along the Poshtova square-Obolon-Bereznyaki route.

Address: Poshtova square.


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