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Potemkin Stairs in Odessa

Potemkin StairsPotemkin Stairs are the famous stairs in Odessa, connecting the center of the city with the port and seaport buildings. They were named in honor of the masterpiece of world cinema, the movie "Battleship Potemkin". In 2007 Potemkin Stairs were recognized as one of the most beautiful in Europe.

Currently the stairs consist of 192 steps (originally there were two hundred, but due to the expansion of the port some steps were filled). The length of the stairs is 142 meters, they are based perspective - their base is much wider than the top, so that when looking from Primorsky Boulevard, it seems the lack of view.


The stairs were designed by architect Francis Boffo in 1825. The construction of the stairs was completed in 1841. They were built as a gift to wife of Prince Vorontsov. Originally Potemkin Stairs had more aesthetic features than practical ones. In front of the stairs there is a monument to Duke de Richelieu, which is a visiting card of Odessa.

In different sources the stairs wer called differently: "Giant", "Boulevard" and "Vorontsov". The official name of Potemkin appeared only in 1951, although almost immediately after the release of the film "Battleship Potemkin Stairs in 1955Potemkin" the stairs began to be called Potemkin.

Near the stairs there is the funicular. It was built in 1902, and in 1970 replaced with the escalator. At the beginning of 90th years the escalator broke down. And ten years ago, in 2005, the funicular was restored.


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