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The building of the Presidential Administration in Kiev

Здание администрации Президента в КиевеThe majestic building that raises in Pechersk over Lipki, on Bankova Street, 11, was built in 1939 for the staff of the Kiev military district. It is the monument of Kiev culture and architecture. The building project was created by the famous Kharkov architect Grigoriev, who combined two styles in the structure: classic and Ukrainian Baroque.

The first thing that immediately strikes the visitors of the Building Administration of the President is a huge thickness of the walls, which can not be found anywhere else in the monuments of culture and architecture. The structure is decorated with a colonnade of Korif Order. The plinth is faced with polished labradorite and four stone balls decorate the front entrance. The huge building of the Presidential Administration is located in a narrow street, but despite this, it fits perfectly into its surrounding buildings and is beautifully visible from all points.

During its history, the current presidential administration building has had many famous military leaders, among them the generals of the Russian Empire V. Sukhomlinov, M. Dragomirov, M. Alexeyev, who were there until the Revolution of 191; the outstanding Ukrainian generals - commanders of the army of the UNR Basil Tyutyunnik and Marco Bezruchko, as well as Colonel Eugene Meshkivsky. During the Soviet era the building was the Здание администрации Президента Киевworking place for N. Vatutin, A. Egorov, V. Blucher, I. Yakir, D. Zhukov. During the occupation of Kiev by Nazi troops there was located the general commissariat of Kiev, and at the end of World War II the building on Bankova Street, 11 was the place for the Central Committee of Communist Party of Ukraine. It housed offices of Nikita Khrushchev, A. Kirichenko, L. Melnikov, N. Podgorny, P. Shelest, V. Shcherbytsky.


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