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Proletarskaya square in Kharkov

Proletarskaya square emerged on Kharkov map in the XVIII century. It is situated in the centre of the city below the University hill. You can get virtually everywhere in the city from this square.

Proletarskaya square in KharkovInitially the square was named “Bazarnaya” (Market square). In the XVIII century there were dozens of shops and taverns along it. Later the market was rebuilt and a roof was added. However, a fire caused by inflammation of resin warehouses happened in 1835 and damaged all buildings of the market and the stairs that led to the hill. That is how the market stopped functioning.

The old image of the square

A few years later city officials took some steps in rebuilding the Market square. New stairs were added, as well as Sergievsky and Moskovsky rows. During that time the square went under the name “Sergievskaya”. The wooden stairs were later replaced with stone. The recently created New Sergievsky row had a second floor that was used as a Kharkov museum, which was founded in 1886. It became the first industrial and art museum in Ukraine. During the Soviet Union period the museum was known as the museum of history of Ukrainian Sloboda named after G. Skovoroda. Unfortunately, the museum had the same fate as the market and burned down. In 1890 architect A. Spiegel designed a project of a two-story building of Nikolayevsky row, which was later constructed at this spot. Some years later stone shops, a chapel and a circus “Calvary”, which was later turned into a cinema called “Mayak” appeared there. There was also a hotel “Spartak”, which is now called “Grand Hotel”.

The square during the 1970s

The current name was given to the square in 1932. It was covered with asphalt; a park and a new stairs that are leading to the hill were built. Near the Lopansky bridge a pier with a wide staircase to the water was constructed.

The consequences of war were that every building in this square was destroyed. Repairing the image of the square took a few years and was conducted by architects B. Klein, I. Prikhodko, I. Rukavishnikov and G. Makarevich.

Nowadays Proletarskaya square plays an important part in public transportation system as this is where underground routes cross. A lot of tramways, trolleybuses, buses and route taxis travel along the square. Both Kharkov citizens and guests of the city love to walk here and take pictures of its wonders.

Address: Proletarskaya square.


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