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Prospect of Freedom in Lviv

Prospect of FreedomThe central street of Lviv, one of the most beautiful and most prestigious streets in the city, center of business and cultural life - all this can be said about the Prospect of Freedom. Architecture of the street is a mixture of different styles: secession with the eclecticism, classicism, Renaissance and Baroque. The length of the prospect is 350 meters, in the south it finishes with the Mickiewicz Square, and in the north – with the Horodotska Street, which crosses it.

Prospect of Freedom has changed a lot of names through the constantly changing political environment, including: Lower Billows (Nizhnie Valy), Karl Ludwig, Hetman, Legions Street, Hetman Billows, etc. And only in 1990 there appeared a new street name on the city map – Prospect of Freedom.

The odd side of the street was formed after the elimination of the western line of fortifications of the city, which by 1772 were in terrible condition. Even side was formed from the left bank of the River City Poltva, which was only marshland, where were small houses of citizens.

Prospect of Freedom in LvivProspect of Freedom finally began to take shape in the 80 years of the XVIII century, when Boulevard appeared on this place, which became popular and fashionable place to stroll. Since then on the street there open the first kiosks, oil lamps were replaced with gas ones, there gradually emerged new plantings of trees and flowers, in 1888 there were laid the line of horse trams, and later – electric tram. In the end of XIX century the street was gradually built up with the buildings of banks, hotels, stores, here was built the City Theater, there is installed the electric lighting. By the middle of XX century the tram line was ceased on the boulevard.

Currently, the Prospect of Freedom is, perhaps, the most prestigious and elegant street around Lviv. And though the first floors of almost all buildings are occupied with clubs, cafes, restaurants, casinos, boutiques, banks and offices, the second floors and above remain the apartments.
On the Prospect of Freedom there is also a large number of attractions.

Prospect of Freedom in the nightThe most famous of them are the monuments: hetman Stanislaw Yablonovsky, who has saved Lviv from an attack of the Crimean Tatars, Jan Sobieski, the Archangel Michael, Lenin, Shevchenko, as well as the Lviv Opera House, National Museum, the Grand Hotel, the building of the Vienna coffee house, arcade Feller and others.


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