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Pushkin Street in Odessa

Pushkin Street in OdessaThe Pushkin Street appeared on the map of Odessa city in 1827, although the street acquired its final name on June 25, 1880. The street is famous and named due to the fact that the Great Russian writer and poet, Alexander Pushkin, has lived and worked here most often. And although the genius of Russian literature has periodically stayed in other homes in Odessa, the sentimental citizens decided to dedicate this small piece of the city to him.
Pushkin Street, as well as Deribasovskaya Street, is of paving stones. These stones of volcanic origin were brought into the city on ships as ballast. The material is very durable, so it was used in 1941 to build Pushkin Street. Odessafortifications to defense of Odessa. The stone is preserved in its original form, with a little polish for more than 100 years. As the street is not the central street of the city, it is not crammed with offices of various companies and banks; it is full of peculiar charm.

Pushkin Street is one of the main streets in Odessa. There are three museums on the street: the Pushkin Museum, Museum of the Navy and the Museum of Western and Oriental Art. There are also the Odessa Philharmonic, the Central department store and hotel "Krasny".
On the Pushkin street, 13, the former hotel Monument to Alexander Pushkin in Odessa"Hotel du Nord", in which the poet had lived for a month, there is the museum of Alexander Pushkin, which stores the unique autographs and drawings of the Russian genius, portraits of his contemporaries and engravings of Odessa of those times. During his short stay in the town Pushkin wrote a poem "Gypsies", two chapters of “Eugene Onegin”, 13 verses and the concluding lines of “Bakhchsarai Fountain”.
On Pushkin Street there is also the monument to this poet and writer, erected in the city in honor of its 200th anniversary. Pushkin is depicted with a cane on the monument.


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