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The railway station square in Kharkov

Kharkov railway station squareThe foundation of the railway station square was arranged to opening the railway “Kursk – Kharkov – Azov” at the end of the sixties of the 20th century. There was initially at this place, named earlier Arkhieriskaya Levada, a perennial bog.

After making the decision to erect the first Kharkov’s railway terminal, its initial building was built in 1869 by the architect A. Ton, author of the project. In order to discharge the terminal from excess of passengers, arrived by the Balashevsk railway, it was decided to start reconstructing the terminal in the years 1896 – 1901 with its following modernization. The author of the project was a famous architect I. Zagoskin, the architect I. Zaune finished building the terminal.

Nowadays the railway station square in Kharkov is a very beautiful place with majestic buildings, fountains and kempt flowerbeds. The main building of the terminal “Kharkov — Passenger station” excels at its originality: two houses in the shape of a Slavonic letter “ Г ”, connected with each other and crowned with a dome at the point of their connection and decorated with a beautiful bronze casting, ceramics, stucco mouldings and Kharkov railway station square at nightoriginal Ukrainian ornament, are built in a taffeta style and decorate the railway station square very well. The memorial to Father Fyodor, a hero of the novel by Ilf and Petrov “The Twelve Chairs”, Board of South Railways, building of the old Central Post Office, the Dwelling-House for employees of South Railways, Palace of Culture for railroad men are also peculiar decorations of the square and Kharkov’s sightseeing places.


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