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Recycling museum in Kiev

Recycling museum is located inside the Kiev recycling plant. The exhibition of the museum consists of lots of antique and exotic exhibits. Some of them are 200 and more years old. The exhibits of the collection are being collected since 1943, and sometimes they are even taken from dumps.

Recycling museum in Kiev

Once people found out that a museum like this was opened in Kiev, they started bringing their own things there. Even if something seemed of no value at first, later it turned out to be the gem of the collection. As soon as you enter the museum, you notice that unique smell, a smell that takes you instantly to the past and the treasures you could find in your grandma’s closet.

The recycling museum is divided into two departments. Outside under a tent there are various sculptures, busts and statues. In an old wooden house, where the museum is located, there is a gramophone that was produced before the Revolution, a 115-year old statue of Ivan Poddybny, the strongest man in the world. Also there is an antique samovar, a core and shells from World War, torture instruments that belonged to the royal gendarmerie, a pre-war baby stroller, dolls, wooden sledge, plows, and various household appliances. There is also a big stand devoted to the soviet theme. The first issue of the legendary magazine “Iskra” from 1900 is stored in the Kiev recycling museum. Another valuable exhibit is a rare atlas of Cuba. One of the exhibits is an antique hairdresser’s: mysterious instruments that you probably wouldn’t recognize – iron scissors, hair curlers, shaving machines, and the first metal hair dryer from Germany – are standing on a small suitcase.

Recycling museum in Kiev

Employees of the museum say that people even bring antique icons to the museum. We don’t know exactly how much is the museum prepared to pay for these antiques, but once the these valuable items appear at the museum, they never leave it.

Recycling museum in Kiev

There are over 40 busts and statues of Vladimir Lenin. In the yard of the Kiev recycling plant there is even a 7-meter tall statue of Lenin that was brought from the Crimea. These statues and busts of Lenin are placed in the way that makes them all look in one direction while holding onto their vests.

The recycling museum is open every day except Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 6pm. You can enter for free and use the guide’s services for a small fee.

Address of the recycling museum: Sagaidaka street, 112.


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