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Residence of the Bukovinian Metropolitans in Chernovtsy

Residence of the Metropolitans in Chernovtsy (Chernovtsy State University) is a real pearl of the city. This magnificent palace complex was designed, in 1864—1882, by the Czech architect Josef Hlavka.

Residence of the Bukovinian Metropolitans in Chernovtsy

Famous builders and masons from the Czech Republic came to build this palace complex; brick factories, quarries were specifically built near the city. Metropolitan residence combines Gothic, Byzantine, Oriental, and other architectural styles. It consists of three independent, united together stylistically buildings: Main - Metropolitan, Seminary and Church of the Three Saints, and the Monastery – House for visitors.

The ensemble interiors are designed and implemented according to Karl’s Jobst and Karl’s Svoboda drawings and outlines. The structures form a courtyard with a fence and monumental gates. The Marble Hall of the Main building, painted by famous painters, stands out among other interiors of the complex.

Bukovinian Metropolitans' Residence in Chernovtsy

The buildings that currently house the Chernovtsy State University were established in the 18th century by order of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, Franz Joseph. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the early 19th century university (along with the surrounding lands) came into power the Romanian kingdom. After returning to land Bukovina Ukraine - University became a state university in the Ukrainian language learning. University Park is located nearby, which is a monument to the famous architect J. Hlavka.


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