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Rest at cottages near Kiev

While planning the holiday outside the city near Kiev by yourself, first thing you need to settle is a place where you’re going to stay. You should be especially careful if you’re planning to visit a certain place for the first time.

Rest at cottages near Kiev

Thanks to the well developed tourist infrastructure you can choose from a big variety of accommodations: camping, hotels, apartments, hostels and cottages. Every kind of accommodation has its pros and cons. If you intend to spend most of the leisure time outside without being bothered by loud crowds, then you should choose a rest at cottages near Kiev.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the choice opportunities. As a matter of fact all cottages regardless of the price follow certain standards of comfort and offer everything even the pickiest customer might need for a good rest. However, the level of comfort often differs. You can choose from an affordable small house with a medium level of comfort or go for a luxuriously designed and equipped cottage with the most modern appliances and cozy furniture. Often you can see that these cottages are in no way worse than the sanatoriums and hotels, and sometimes they are even slightly better.

Advantages of having a rest at cottages near Kiev

Wooden summer house near KievThe biggest advantage of a rest at a cottage is their close location to the nature. That creates a unique atmosphere that is remarkably different from the big city life. At any time of the day, at any weather and at any mood nothing will spoil your communication with the nature. Moreover, you should remember that the main objective of a rest outdoors is to receive positive impressions and to revive the inner energy, which hardly depends on the availability of internet connection or satellite TV in the room.

Having a rest at cottages near Kiev does not only mean staying at a cottage outside Kiev. Sometimes it becomes impossible for a person to live in the fast pace that the city makes him live. That is why hard-working people need a proper refreshing rest. Everyone is free to choose any kind of a holiday according to his preferences and budget. Lately one of the most popular ways of having a vacation is to rent a cottage near Kiev. These small houses at the banks of rivers and lakes are a perfect opportunity for the whole family to have a vacation together. You can sunbathe, swim in the river and breathe in the fresh forest air.

The closest vacation spots near Kiev

Village near KievSo where should you go if you want to have a rest like this? Generally there are 3 spots that are the closest to Kiev. They are Osokorki, Puscha-Vodica and Koncha-Zaspa. There flows the river Dnieper and also there are several clear lakes, as well as the river Kozynka. These recreation districts are viewed as elite ones, that is why the prices here are usually higher than you’re used to. For instance, in Koncha-Zaspa you can rent a 2 to 5 seated cottage right on the beach. It will have from 1 to 2 rooms, a kitchen in the terrace with a gas cooker and a fridge. The bathroom is usually outside in the yard. There are also more expenisive apartments – an all-wooden house in the pine forest on the bank of the Kozynka river with a large pool in the yard.

1 hour from Kiev

All-wooden houses near KievIn Vyshgorod and Brovary districts on the bank of Desna river, at the right bank of the Kiev Sea and outside of Bucha, Irpen and Vorzel there are small, large and medium houses that offer different level of comfort.

If you’ll be happy with a simple wooden summer house, then you should go to the Vyshenky village in the Boryspyl district, which is 15 km from Kiev. There is not only Dnieper, but also lakes surrounded by forests and small sand beaches. You totally forget that the big city is very close. You should also consider Pukhovka, Zazimye and Letki, which are all located in the Brovary district. Usually these places are not overcrowded, that is why you won’t suffer from extremely noisy neighbors. The main tourist destinations in Vyshgorod district are Hlebovka, Novosyolki, Vyscha Dubechnya, Pyrnovo and Khotyanovka. There flows the Dnieper and you can also access the Kiev Sea. There are lots of camping sites, hotels and restaurants, and you can also rent a wooden house.

Cottage with a fountain in the yardIf you travel 55 km from Kiev, you will find the Voropayevka village in the Invakovsky district. What makes the vacation there special is the clear water of the lakes and Teterev river, fresh air and bright grass that grows just outside the water. You can either spend a day here in your own tent or rent a reasonably priced accommodation. The range of opportunities is very wide: from a 1 bedroom small wooden summer house to a luxurious mansion that has a pool and a BBQ in the yard.

1 to 2 hours from Kiev

House with a pool near KievAfter travelling about a 100 kilometers from Kiev, you will end up on the banks of the Ros river with its main tourist spots: Boguslavskiy, Belotserkovsky and Korsun-Schevchenkovsky districts. In fact, Korsun-Schevchenkovsky district belongs to the Cherkassy region, but it’s comfortable to get there from Kiev as well. Here you can find both affordable wooden summer houses and comfortable hotels.

If you want to have a rest by the pool in Kiev, it is also not a problem. Modern hotels and camping sites try to satisfy their customers, so they equip their yards with pools of different sizes. This is useful because not all houses directly face the water. Moreover, this kind of holiday is perfect for families with kids – your child is always visible and well looked after. A pool with a roof lets you have fun in the water all year round. You can find an accommodation of any kind – a house, a hotel room or a cottage with a pool in the yard – both in luxurious villages near Kiev or in more district vacation spots.

While packing for a holiday at cottages near Kiev, don’t forget the mosquito repellents – the areas by the water are often densely populated by this insects, which can easily spoil your vacation.

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