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Rest in Kerch

We have been all brought up in the tradition that can be described in an old proverb: “No pains, no gains”. However, this doesn’t mean we have to spend all days long working. If you work too hard, you will not achieve the best results, and besides you’ll get exhausted.

The Kerch Quay

Why torture yourself if you can spend some time resting, refresh your energy and get back to work? So how does one plan his perfect vacation? For instance, you can visit the resort city of Kerch.

Kerch is the oldest city in Ukraine. Centuries ago it was founded by the Greeks who named the city Panticapey. It used to be the capital of the mighty Bosphorus state. In the X-XI centuries the city named Korchev was part of the Tmutarakan county that belonged to the Kiev Rus.

From the georgraphical point of view Kerch is the far eastern part of Crimea. It occupies a long coastal line along the Kerch stream. The stream connects the Azov and the Black Seas. Just across the city you will see the Tuzla foreland which belongs to the Cuban region of Russia.

Stairs to Mitridat mountain

There are a lot of sights in this ancient city, and the most attractive ones belong to the archeological monuments: the Demeter crypt, the Yeni-Kale fort, Pantikapei excavations on the hill, Royal mound, the medieval church (VIII cent.) of St. John the Baptist. The mount Mitridates is equipped with an impressive stair that was built in the XIX century. Also beloved by the tourists are the local history and ethnographic museums, the Museum of History of Defense of Adzhimushkay quarry and the history museum of Eltigen landing. The most frequently visited museum is the history museum which belongs to the oldest constructions in the country and has been built in the 1826 as the museum of antiques. Another major attraction is the Mithridates mountain that has served as the central point of the city history. For a lot of years the mountain has been thoroughly explored and the architects have found amazing things there. If you go down the Mitridat mountain down the Lenin square, you come across the church of St. John the Baptist, which is one of the oldest monuments of the medieval architecture. The church is still welcoming visitors.

church of St. John the Baptist

Kerch is a city that has combined the traces of various historical events and eras. There are lots of mounds in the city that are actually the burial monuments and functioned exactly like the Egypt pyramids. One of the most well-preserved is the Royal mound and can be found in the Arshintsevo village. The city looks very nice and attractive. If you want to have a vacation there, pick one of the finest local sanatoriums – the “Kiev” or the “Parus”. Give your mind and body a rest, as they definitely deserve one.

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