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The largest rivers of Ukraine

Dnieper River. UkraineVisitors in Ukraine are generally attracted by the Carpathian and Crimean landscapes, although the highlight of the truly Ukrainian landscape is hidden in its flat spaces, namely, its waterways. Rivers of Ukraine are the real landscape pearls. On the territory of Ukraine there are more than 71 thousand rivers, about 160 of which are with the length of over 100 km. The total length of Ukrainian rivers is 248 thousand km. If to stretch them on the Equator, then the formed river will encircle the earth more than 6 times. Among the rivers of Ukraine's the largest are: Dnieper, Dniester, Southern Bug, Desna, Seversky Donets etc.

Dnieper is the largest river in Ukraine (total length of 2285 km, 1005 km - on the territory of Ukraine), the third river in Europe according to the length and area of the water basin (after the Volga and Danube). Dnieper conventionally divides Ukraine on Right Bank and Left Bank. The main river of Ukraine is also famous for the fact that on its bank there was founded Zaporizhian Sich. Navigable Dnieper is very important for transport and the economy of the country. It provides up to 75% of the country's needs in fresh water. On the Dnieper there are created 6 large reservoirs with water surface areas from 410 to 2250 km. This river is also famous for its dams, the most famous of which is Dnieper Hydroelectric Station in Zaporozhye.

Dniester River. UkraineDniester is the second largest river in Ukraine, with the length of 1352 km within Ukraine, starts from the Carpathian Mountains. Descending from the mountains, it slows down the, and forms the waterfalls on the Podolsk plateau together with its tributaries, among which is Dzhurinskiy (height 16 m) - the highest flat waterfall in Ukraine. The most beautiful and interesting part of the Dniester is Dniester Canyon. The nature of the canyon is original for its unique landscapes, so it quite well deserves the title of the natural wonder of Ukraine. Below Dubasari there start Dniester Plavni (reserve), which are the important component of the ecosystem for natural purification of water and atmosphere. The waters of the Dniester are used for water supply of many settlements, irrigation, navigation, power supply (Dubasari Hydroelectric Station).

Southern Bug is a large river in south-west of Ukraine with the length of 806 km. In the middle reaches the river forms a canyon with rocky granite banks of 20-40 m high. Southern Bug has the great economic importance. Its water is used for irrigation and water supply, there were built 13 small hydroelectric plants and a number of reservoirs on the river.

Seversky Donets is the main water artery of eastern Ukraine, the total length - 1053 km. In the valley of the river there is situated one of the three Orthodox shrines of Ukraine - Holy Assumption Sviatogorsk Lavra, national natural park "Svyatye Gory"(Holy Mountains), as well as Southern Bug River . Ukrainebranches of Ukrainian steppe and Lugansk natural reserves.

Desna is the longest left tributary of the Dnieper (total length - 1187 km). The river belongs to the small fishing waters of Ukraine. There are more than 35 species of fish in Desna, including sturgeon and madder, which are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine in.

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