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Aerial ropeway in Kharkov

Ropeway in KharkovThe aerial ropeway in Kharkov is a walking and transport system, which links the Sumskaya Street near the cinema "Park" with Pavlovo Pole (Paul's Field), passing through Gorky Park and Sarzhin Yar.

The aerial ropeway was commissioned in 1971. When its construction there were used 18 pillars. Nowadays there are 124 two-place passenger cabins with a capacity of 180 kg, including the service one.

Gorky Park in KharkovThe track of the ropeway starts from the station "Gorpark", located behind the cinema "Park" and near the station of the children's railway, and ends at the station "Pavlovo Pole", located near the “Source” on the crossroads of two streets: Otakar Yarosh and August 23. The total length of the route is 1387 m.

The total length of the route at one end is 18 minutes. During this time the cabin rises to the height of 8 to 26 meters, and the passengers have the unique opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views of Gorky Park, Forest Park, Shatilovki and Pavlovo Pole.

The landing station "Pavlovo Pole", which attracts the attention of tourists with its Aerial Ropeway in Kharkovextraordinary beauty, was built by architect Popov. The decoration of a mosaic mural was created by the master Savenkov.

Since 2006, over three years, the cabins of the ropeway had had the typical "bee" color. The reason for this was a famous advertising campaign of the Russian-Ukrainian mobile operator Beeline, during which the cabins got a striped yellow and black coloring, coloring of the Beeline bee. In 2009, the cabins were again repainted.


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