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Round Square in Poltava

The Round Square is one of the attractions in Poltava. It was founded in 1804. As the urban legend, that has already become a part of the official history of Poltava, says there was a meeting of Peter I to the townspeople after a battle with the Swedes. Was this it or not, it is now irrelevant. The square got its name from its shape.

Round Square in Poltava. Ukraine

It is a circle, with diverging in different directions streets; each of them leads to some interesting place. Until the XIX century Round Square was the beginning of the road to Kiev, Krasnohrad, Moscow, Kharkiv and Yekaterinoslav (Dnipropetrovsk today). According to original plan a central market was planned to install there. But the approaching date of the Poltava Battle 100th anniversary changed the history of the square, and the city. Then a monument of fame became the central part of the area.

In the period from 1805 to 1840 the Round Square image of that time formed. Monument of Glory, a 16 m height column with a gilded eagle on its top, became its center. Eight streets, diverging in all directions from the monument lead to Assumption Cathedral, Poltava Krestovozdvizhensky monastery, churches. Buildings of urban and provincial values were built around: house of Poltava provincial government, Poltava civil governor house, the house of Poltava lieutenant governor, Little Russia Post Office, House of Poltava Noble Assembly and county government offices, post office and the Noble Assembly.

Round Square in Poltava

Also it was planned to build a gymnasium there, but the plan did not materialize. A military school was built at this place. The idea of architects was that all building facades should form a circle; their height was relatively small (especially against the background of very large area). And one more fact is that none of the buildings had entrance from the area, and this gave the whole integrity of the architectural ensemble.

Unfortunately, today Round Square has not retained its original appearance. Nowadays it looks like a park with an encircling highway and radial alleys.


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