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Sculpture garden in Kharkov

The Kharkov sculpture garden is located in front of the Platinum Plaza mall right in the centre of the city. The area is decorated with exhibits that were given to Kharkov citizens as a gift by a collector A. Feldman. Besides these sculptures, the composition also includes some works by a famous Israeli sculptor Franco Meisler. He was the one who created a monument to Columbus in Madrid and the Jerusalem fountain. Meisler also created a composition at Preklonnaya mountain in Moscow and a monument to homeless kids at the Liverpool railway station. Since Franko Meisler’s works are so popular in the world, he can be considered a celebrity.

The monkey family

What tourists find the most attractive sculpture is a composition called “A family doing their business”. It depicts monkeys, and the author states that there is no hidden message behind that creation. This sculpture was created from bronze exclusively for Feldman.

Another highlight of the sculpture garden in Kharkov is a composition called “Cello Concerto”, which depicts 3 musicians as an orchestra. What is unusual about this sculpture is that it is placed on a rotating pin, and while it’s revolving, you can notice a few more musical instruments in it.

A boy sitting on a bench

Nearby the “Cello Concerto” is a bench with a bronze boy sitting on it. There is enough space on a bench for tourists to have a picture while hugging the boy. And right next to it lays a photographer with his camera. He is so engaged with his work that doesn’t even notice a bird that is sitting comfortably on his shoe.

A sculpture of a photographer

The opposite corner of the area is occupied by a collection of transportation items owned by Feldman family. There are various models of motorcycles and antique cars. At the exit from the sculpture garden there is a “Planet Kharkov” – a Kharkov globe with all tourist attractions painted on it.

This sculpture garden is quite different from any other site in Kharkov. First, its exhibits are modern and relevant, and second, it is a proof that the city is becoming more and more European in spirit.

Address of the sculpture garden: Sumskaya street, 72.


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