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Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp"

Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp” in ZaporozhyeMemorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp” is one of the most interesting places on the Khortytsia Island in Zaporozhye.
Once on the island there were located 129 barrows, the oldest of which were created in the III-II centuries BC. These burial mounds were divided into six separate groups, and all these groups were on the Scythian way that passes through the middle of the Khortytsia Island, from Naumova gully and finishing in the overflown part of the island.

Scythian Camp refers to the fifth group of barrows, which is in the highest point of the Khortytsia Island - 59 meters above the Dnieper River. This is the only group that has been restored; it is considered that on this place the ancient people buried their wealthy and respected families and prayed to the gods.

"Scythian camp" is not only famous for its historical heritage, but also for the beautiful views from this place. It is believed that there is a source of healing energy; so many visitors say that after a tour of this historic place, they feel much better, and many of their illnesses disappear at all.Memorial-tourist complex “Scythian Camp”
Initially, the "Scythian camp" had only three burial mounds. The employees of the memorial increased the number of ancient burial sites to eight: one mound was made on the place of the previously investigated one, two more appeared to replace destroyed ones and two were made in the form of models. The next two barrows are supposed to make as a stylized sanctuary of the ancient god of war – Area, and pedestal for Becket, Cossack tower, despite the fact that this tower does not apply to the time of barrows. The administration of the reserve explains its decision by saying that the history of the Cossacks is part of the island, and Becket will serve as a watchtower for the guards of the “Scythian Camp”.


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