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Seaport Buildings in Odessa

Seaport Buildings in OdessaThe architects of the seaport buildings, the largest and most modern in Ukraine based on the new pier in 1968, were V. Golovin and V. Kremlyakov. The seaport buildings are located under the Primorsky Boulevard from which there go the Potemkin Stairs and funicular to the seaport. This place is a kind of promenade which is very popular among the summer residents and visitors of Odessa.
On the seaport buildings there are located the hotel "Odessa", an exposition of the anchors, art gallery, a Greek church, several monuments, including the monument “To sailor’s wife”. In summer there are many excursions ships here and there regularly moor the foreign warships, on which there are guided tours. Seaport buildings are also known for its yacht berth and the exhibition complex.
Odessa Seaport BuildingsSince the time of construction the seaport buildings has changed dramatically: now there is the business center of the city. In the seaport building there are the offices of banks, post offices, phone centers, travel agencies, bars, restaurants, and in front of it one can see the composition entitled "Golden Boy", who wishes good luck and happy shipping to all travelers.
October 20, 1994 there was consecrated the church of St. Nicholas, built in the same year at the end of the pier. The church building was erected in a modern style to make it fit into the overall architectural picture of the seaport buildings. Thus, in Odessa there is the first and only Ukrainian Orthodox Church, built in Art Nouveau style.

In 2001, next to the seaport buildings there was built another one, affecting with its magnificence. This is the well-known Hotel "Odessa", behind which there is an open-air museum of the anchors, which were raised from the bottom of the Black Sea and brought in from other cities of the former Soviet Union. The basis of the composition is created by the exhibits from the Museum of Marine, and later it’s planned to expand the yacht berth in Odessaexposure by means of the anchors, which will be removed from the submerged ships.
September 2, 2002, in the Feast Day of the City of Odessa there was opened the monument “To Sailor’s Wife” on the territory of the seaport buildings. The monument depicts a woman standing on the balcony with a baby that looks into the distance waiting for the arrival of the ship.


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