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7 Places To See In Ukraine Before They Vanish

Seven Wonders of Ukraine - are seven historical and cultural monuments of Ukraine, which won recognition of the Ukrainians for its beauty and cultural value. These cultural sites are truly interesting for not only the inhabitants of Ukraine, but also for the mass of foreign tourists visiting annually the territory of our country.

There were selected about a thousand objects to participate in the All-Ukrainian competition of “Seven Wonders of Ukraine”. “Seven Wonders of Ukraine” were chosen through Internet voting, which was attended by 77 thousand people. In addition to web voting there were used the ranks by the Expert Council of the hundred representatives: culture experts, historians and experts of tourist business.

The most important historical and cultural sites in Ukraine have become the winners of the poll.

Architectural Monuments and Sights in Ukraine:

1. The fortress in Kamenets-Podolski has legally occupied the leading place in world history of defensive architectureFortress Kamenets-Podolsky

2. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra - orthodox shrine of world importanceKiev-Pechersk Lavra

3. Saint Sophia Cathedral in KievSophia of Kiev

4. National Dendrological Park Sofievka - the monument of the world landscape gardening art of XVIII-XIX centuriesSofievka Park

5. The ancient Greek city-colony Chersonesos (Khersones)Chersonese

6. Khortytsia Island - the historical value of the Ukrainian people, the center of the Ukrainian CossacksKhortytsia Island in Zaporozhye

7. Khotyn fortress - Medieval fortress with a rich history. Khotyn Fortress

Ukraine has not only a rich cultural-historical heritage, but also the noteworthy natural resources. Therefore in 2008 through the ballot box there were also identified and named "Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine".

Natural Sights and Attractions:

1. Biosphere Reserve Askania-Nova (Kherson region). The territory of the unique, wild natural steppe landscapes throughout Europe places animals, gathered from many corners of the worldAskania Nova


2. National Park Podilski Tovtry (Khmelnitsky region). On the territory of which there are the remnants of ancient coral reef formations unusual for plain landscapesNational Park Podilski Tovtry


3. Lake Synevir - the business card of the Ukrainian CarpathianLake Synevir


4. Marble Cave - the symbol of the Crimea, which belongs to the five most beautiful equipped caves in the world and is one of the most visited caves in EuropeMarble Cave in Crimea


5. Regional-landscape park Granite-Steppe Pobuzhye (Nikolaev region) - one of the best natural "pearls" of UkraineGranite-Steppe Pobuzhye

6. Lake Svityaz - the largest and the deepest lake of natural origin in UkraineLake Svitiaz


7. Dniester Canyon (Vinnitsa, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky, Ternopol regions)Dniester Canyon

Ukraine skillfully brought together the beautiful and cultural heritage and magnificent, by nature created wealth, which will be admired by travelers, who will visit this hospitable land.

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