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The Military-Historical Collection of the Sheremetyevs’ Museum

To glance into the past and to learn about heroism of people, to see the collection of firearms, civil uniforms and details of accoutrements, war pictures and documents, we recommend to visit a military-historical exhibition at the Sheremetyevs’ museum in Balaklava City, in Crimea.

Sheremetyevs’ Museum

Most of the exhibits represent the bloodiest period of the middle of the XIX century – the Crimean War of 1853-1856. Historians relate this period to the appearance of the first personnel mines and the first railroad in Russia, which was constructed by Englishmen. Here you will learn the history of the Sinoppian Battle, in which Russians destroyed the Turkish fleet, about the tragic sinking of ships near Sevastopol, and about the Balaklava Bay, which was the major base of the British fleet during the war.

Sheremetyevs’ Museum. Sevastopol

The exhibits include real objects of accoutrements, medals, hats, samples of firearms and cold weapons, coins, tableware, letters of soldiers and officers, objects of daily military life, etc. The pride of the collection is a prayer-book of a killed Russian fighter, who was found by an English soldier. This prayer-book was kept in England for 150 years and only few years ago, due to great efforts of the collectioners, it was returned to the mother-land. The excursions around the museum are accompanied with wonderful audio and video special effects. You will be able to see a galloping cavalry, to hear the whistle of bullets and explosions of bombs.

The second part of the Sheremetyevs’ museum reflects the period between the end of the Crimean War and October 1917, from the reign of Alexander II to Nicolay II. It’s a unique collection of military and civil clothes, weapon, accoutrements, photos, documents, regimental icons, and seals. You should be particularly captivated by the collection of Russian and foreign awards and breastplates. The entrance fee is 25 UAH (3 USD).

Sheremetyevs’ Museum. Ukraine

Thanks to the Kiev family of Sheremetyev brothers, who are members of British Crimean War Research Society, with the help of documents, books, and pictures, you will be able to glimpse into the bygone epoch, and to learn the history of heroic battles of our ancestors. The museum is located on the territory of the military-marine museum complex “Balaklava”, however, you can also see the exhibitions in Kiev, Moskovskaya Street 40-B.


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