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Shevchenko Drama Theatre in Kharkov

Drama Theatre in KharkovKharkov State Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after Shevchenko was founded in 1934 on the basis of the shattered theater “Berezil”. In 1935 the again based theater was named after T.G. Shevchenko, and in 1947 it received the honorary status of "academic".

Shevchenko Drama Theatre is focused on the socialist realist position. Its repertoire includes the Russian Soviet dramatists and the limited number of works of Western classics. Since its foundation until the present day the theater has changed several managers: the first one was M. Krushelnitsky, who was appointed to the position of the Order of the People's Commissariat Shevchenko Drama Theatre in Kharkovof Education in October 1933; followed by B. Nord, A. Serdyuk and B. Kraynichenko, after whose death the theater gradually started to play works by contemporary playwrights socialist realist and domestic classics.

Among the famous works of Shevchenko Dramatic Theatre are the following: “Without naming names” by V. Mink, “Ghosts” by G. Ibsen, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, “Planet Sperani” by A. Kolomiets, “Perekop” by I. Kavaleridze etc.

In 2002-2005, the general manager and artistic director of the Drama Theatre was Andrew Zholdak-Tobilevich. The theater troupe has Shevchenko Drama Theatre. Kharkovsuccessfully represented Ukraine in 17 European countries at the largest festivals with these performances: "Hamlet. Dreams", "One Day of Ivan Denisovich", "Month of Love", "Four and a half", "Goldoni. Venice”. In 2004 Andrew Zholdak was awarded the UNESCO Prize for performances of “Goldoni. Venice” and "Month of Love", and the theater troupe were among the ten best in Europe.


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