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Shevchenko Park in Rivne

Walking and enjoying the historical monuments in Rivne, do not forget to visit a park named in honor of Taras Shevchenko. Locals and visitors thank the former owners of the city - Polish magnates Lubomirski for its appearance in the center of the city. The park was laid out in the place of Shevchenko Park in Rivne, Ukrainetheir manor on the Gorka - the name that area from the late XVII century to the 50th years of last century. In 1940, it was named after Taras Shevchenko. But it was just a formality for the documentation of the territory. Lubomirski had laid out a park at the end of the XVIII century and now the average age of some trees is about 150-200 years.

Shevchenko Park in RivneThere are more than 160 species of trees and shrubs, most of them are exotic. From American - Weymouth pine, maple ash, Engelmann spruce, red oak. Southern Europe is represented by evergreen boxwood, European box, Forsythia europea, edible chestnut, and species from China, Japan, and Central Asia.

Since 1977, the park was being reconstructed for seven years. It was planted with new kinds of plants and became even more attractive to visitors. Cascade of pools with fountains, surrounded by willows or the arch of water jets - what else could be better for recreation? And so long duration of repair due to the size - at the moment it takes 32 acres and has 5 zones: quiet rest, recreation, sights of interesting, sports and children's sector. Everyone can find here anything he likes at one time or another.

Number of plants in Shevchenko Park in Rivne is impressive. There are more than 5540 trees and 14,200 shrubs. And every year their number is increasing. The park has its secrets. There was an unknown Shevchenko Park in Rivne, Rivne region, Ukraineunderground tunnel. May be it had leaded from the Lubomirski estate in case of danger. At least the results of preliminary studies of an unknown object point at this. During the control drilling specialists-geophysics discovered a clean river sand band, not typical for this area, in the place of underground passage to be. Natural soil lies behind it. The underpass seems to be filled up. It happened in the Soviet period. However, all secret becomes clear. And Taras Shevchenko Park-monument of landscape art of national importance in Rivne will surprise again and again both with its beauty and hidden secrets.


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