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Shopping Center in Kiev

Shopping Center (Guest House) is one of the largest shopping complexes in Kiev, located in the Kontraktova Square. It was built in the classical style by the architect L.Rusk in 1808. The construction lasted several years due to the fire in 1811 that have affected most territory of Kiev and the war in 1812. Nevertheless, the project involved two-storey construction, only first floor was built in those difficult times. The courtyard was surrounded by arc galleries and facades painted in yellow, red and white colors and decorated with pilasters.

Shopping Center (Guest House) in Kiev

In 1828, the building was reconstructed for the first time by the architect Andrii Melenskyi. The next large-scale reconstruction was carried out by the architect V. Shechenko in 1980-1982, on the 1500th anniversary of Kiev. According to the plan, the second storey was added, arc galleries were walled up and the central part of the building was renovated.

Kiev, Shopping Center (Guest House)

Shopping Center included 50 stores and workshops that were the most competitive manufacturers until the end of the XIX century, when the Magdeburg Law was cancelled in 1835, and the large factories were arisen. During the Great Patriotic War, the shopping center was in poor condition. However, after the war a lot of different stores were opened there, including sewing workshops, offices for construction and installation management, centralized warehouses, etc.

Shopping Center (Guest House) in Kiev, Ukraine

Nowadays, there are a lot of shops and cafes. There is the State Scientific Architecture and Building Library named after V.Zabolotnyi. Unfortunately, in August 15, 2011, the building was removed from the list of architectural monuments of Ukraine by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №1380. Recently, the architect Andrii Myrgorodskyi launched the reconstruction of the architectural monument.


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