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Slagheap - the card of Donbass

At the mention of the “Slagheap Ukraine” in all search engines, including Google you accurately receive photos of the Donetsk landscapes.

For those who are not familiar with the industry terminology: slagheap (Spoil tip) is a conical mound of spoil (empty rocks), which are extracted from mines in the course of getting coal or ore.

Slagheap in Donetsk

Donetsk slagheap is not just a mound but a kind of artificial mountain. Environmentalists are desperate to deal with heaps offering the ideas to plant trees, as the number of heaps are constantly increasing in the environment, the release of significant quantities of hazardous substances also increases. Waste heaps were created, in the so-called "dry" method – the rocks were brought and dropped off by regular trucks. In the existing waste heaps to prevent landslides, the top is being demolished, the burning piles are poured over with lime water, it was offered to plant trees over the old waste heaps.

Slagheap in Donetsk city

But so far unfortunately the waste heaps go green mostly in a natural way - under the influence of time and external factors. Thus, waste heaps are transformed and do not look sinister, but rather mysterious.
Given that the industrial city of Donetsk, which in the majority of cases was built around the mines and waste heaps, today the city has about 130 of these artificial hills.

Slagheaps in Donbass region

These views will be great for the lovers of science fiction or for fans of industrial landscapes and stalking.

However, when traveling on top of waste heaps keep in mind the danger of which is stored inside it.

In fresh heaps (where they bring waste rock even now) there are biochemical and chemical processes that result in the burnout of the breed. These artificial hills are dangerous because of sudden releases of sulfuric acid. And it's not just acid, but its concentrate - oleum. Since the processes take place with oxygen (area under the open sky), then these reactions are very rapid, and except for acid, waste heaps also throw out hot steam, which by no means has a positive effect on human health.
After all the "eruption" within the waste heaps are formed voids (often quite large).

Slagheap in Ukraine

These cavities are imperceptible under the outer layer of shale, but are quite large.

Given all the dangers that pose waste heaps, for hiking is recommended to choose the older waste heaps.

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