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Salt Mines in Ukraine: Soledar

Soledar salt caves located in Donetsk region.

Soledar salt cavesHistorians suggest that even before our era people could get this vital mineral by evaporation of salt brine art the Bahmutskiy lakes located on Soledar Saltthe later Artemovsk site  explored deposits of rock salt. But only in the XVI century mining of evaporated salt became a regular. The development of salt production is inextricably linked history of the Donbas. Production of evaporated salt required more wood, which led to the destruction of forests in the district. A new source of energy was discovered about 300 years ago in the Donetsk coal region. It was used primarily to increase the production of salt, and only later - for the development of metallurgy and other industrial applications.

Assuming the presence in the areas of Torah and Bachmuth rich deposits of rock salt have expressed some prospectors in the middle of the XVIII century.

But only in 1880, the outstanding Russian scientist and geologist A.P. Karpinsky made accurate science-based development on this issue and proved the existence of huge reserves of salt in our region steppe, through which for centuries ran the famous Chumackiy way to the Crimea.

Soledar Ukraine

The penetration of so-called "government well" near the village of Bryantsevka was carried out during 1876-1880 years by a mining engineer P. Ivanov, 10 miles from Bachmuth, showed the presence in the Earth's thick layers of salt, including the most powerful - Bryantsev whose thickness was about 40 meters.

Figure from SaltIn 1965 appeared on the map of Ukraine a city Carlo Libknehtovsk. He combines them working village. Karl Liebknecht, Belokamenka, Dekonskogo, Salt and Mesopotamia. In 1991 the town was renamed Soledar.

As a result, over one hundred years of underground work in the interior of the Earth system formed workings over 200 km. But the route of the mine is about 700 meters, including the way back to the trunk. The descent is carried in the cage (lift).

Tour to Soledar salt mines

Tour to Soledar Ukraine

Dwarf guardian of the underworld. The excursion goes on processed mine galleries № 1-3, camera number 41, located in the flatter of the PIn Salt Mines of Soledarodbryantsevsk reservoir.

Walls, ceiling, figures and trees - everything is made of salt. Virtually the tour runs along the bottom of an ancient sea.

During the tour you tour to Soledar will visit: a salt-football field, underground labyrinths, concert hall, an underground gallery, a salt box, see the original figures made from salt (dwarves guardian of the Underworld, salt palm, etc.)

Near the excursion route operates speleosanatory "Salt Symphony", which successfully treatsh bronchial asthma, asthmatic, obstructive bronchitis, chronic pneumonia, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis, moderate form of psoriasis, reduced immunity, thyroid disease.

Speleosanatory Salt SymphonyIn the treatment of women there is a significant reduction of wrinkles. But the most effective treatment us for children.

The air is saturated in the salt mines with salt particles whose size is from 1 to 5 microns. The concentration of microparticles in a 1 cubic meter is up to 15 mg. The atmospheric pressure in underground workings is 772 mm Hg. Art., humidity 60% and temperature 14-16 ° C - all this has beneficial effects on the health of patients.

In the mine office nursing home medical staff monitors the health of patients taking in the new arrivals, and conducts classes on exercise therapy and breathing exercises.

Soledar photo

Patients are in a spacious 3-workings called the galleries. These treatment rooms are inside the hidden niches. Children very quickly become accustomed to new surroundings chess battle games, sports games, the smallest playing with the salt as with regular sand.

Soledar sanatorium

Adults can read their favorite books, magazines, play tennis. Underground bar is ready to take holidaymakers to the nearly 300 meter depth.

Underground bar in Soledar

In one of the waste salt galleries  today exists a church. In December 2003, the chamber 41 was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the first underground ballooning of the balloon type "hopper".

The images on the wall of the salt mine in Soledar

In October 2004 there was a concert of Donbass symphony orchestra "Salt Symphony" under the direction of Austrian conductor Kurt Schmid soloist with the Vienna State Opera Victoria Lukyanets. At the sound of the orchestra in a salt mine Austrian composer and conductor Kurt Schmid said: "I'm just amazed! Sheet music flew from the roof caves, and then slowly, like a cloud descended. According to the conductor in the world, there are only 2-3 of the theater, which can compete with the acoustics of the Artyomovsk salt mines.

Analogon of Mertsalov-PalmeUnique is the salt palm – palm analog of the "Mertsalov" symbol of Donbass. Also under the ground you can see the different shapes of salt made by folk craftsmen.

Going into the underworld intrigues you. You will find yourself in a totally different world underground.

Paul mines strewn with salt particle size from 1 to 40 mm, so you need imett ssoboy appropriate shoes. Under the ground is a constant temperature of +14 ° C - inspecting the mine in the summer, you should bring warm clothing.

In the mine it is forbidden to smoke, use fire. Health and physical condition of the excursion participants must meet the need to address the proposed route.

Pictures from the salt on the walls in Soledar

The city has the only Ukrainian industrial growth reserve of blue and silver firs.

translated from: 100travels.com.ua


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