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St. Andrew chapel in Kiev

Apostle Andrew, according to the beliefs of Orthodox Christians, after the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles preached the faith in Minor Asia, Thrace and Macedonia. He wandered the Danube, the Black Sea, and the Crimea coasts. From the Crimea, he went up the Dnieper. In these times the lands have been already densely inhabited and had well-developed trading.

St. Andrew chapel in Kiev

When Apostle saw the picturesque hills, he addressed believers and said there will be a city where people will honor the Word of God and build a lot of churches. In appreciation of these kind words for Kiev, the city that eventually was built on the hills just as St. Andrew predicted, a church was built by Christians in the XI century to honor the saint. Unfortunately, it has not survived until present day.

Already in the XX century on the hills of the might Dnieper a new chapel, named after Apostle St. Andrew, was built nearby Askold’s grave. The construction was funded by the Public fund of St. Andrew. The project of the chapel was designed by a Kiev architect N. Zharikov.

St. Andrew chapel in Kiev

The chapel cathedral of St. Andrew was built according to the style of Ukrainian baroque; however, the architect implemented a few changes to the project, and therefore the building looks unconventional. Nevertheless, it didn’t prevent the chapel from fitting in perfectly into the surroundings of Kiev Lavra. The basis of the architectural form of the temple is a principle of vertical dominants, which means that a small foundation square (6x6 meters) is less striking than a 18-meter high chapel reaching for the sky. This architecture technique makes the chapel look peculiar compared to the rest of the buildings in the area. Outer walls of the chapel are decorated with icons made by L. Meshkova in the technique of ceramic art.

A square in front of the chapel

Nearby the chapel there is a memorial devoted to the 2000th anniversary since Nativity of Christ. In 2000 a monument to Apostle Andrew, which was designed by architect Zharikov as well, was opened. The monument is made of solid granite, and the upper part of the pedestal is made to look like clouds, which emphasizes the holiness of St. Andrew.

On December 13, 200 the St. Andrew chapel was consecrated and topped with a cross.

Address of St. Andrew chapel: A. Pervozvanny square, 1.


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