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St. George’s Cathedral

St. George’s CathedralSt. George’s Cathedral is the main Greco-Catholic cathedral in Lviv, the main sanctuary of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It is located on the St. George Square, 5. On the territory of the temple there has been a residence of the Metropolitan of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church for a long time.

The first cathedral was located on the mountain, which later, back in princely times, was called St. George’s Mountain (Svyatoyurskaya). This wooden church and defense monastery were built in times of the reign of Prince Lev Danilovich, approximately 1280. After the Polish king Casimir III destroyed both buildings in 1340, there was built a new Orthodox church at this place in 1363-1437, the stone cathedral, bearing the imprint of the Byzantine style.

Cathedral of St. George was erected in 1744-1770. It is a classic example of St. George’s Cathedral in LvivBaroque architecture. The architect was Bogdan Meretin. After his death the building works were headed by C. Fesinger up to 1764. The latest finishing works in the church ended in 1772: the facade of the cathedral is decorated with sculptures of famous master Pinzel, the interior was developed by sculptors M. Filevich and S. Fesinger and artists Y. Radivilovsky and L. Dolinsky.

In front of the cathedral there are the chambers of the Greek Catholic Metropolitan, built in 1772 by architect C. Fesinger. Around these chambers there are capital houses, built in the XIX century and the fence with two gates, erected in 1765. In 1865, in the courtyard of the temple there was built a bell tower and the garden.

St. George’s Cathedral had changed many owners since the times of the construction. At first it was the property of the Uniate Basilian Order, in Cathedral of St. George1816 it housed the Greek-Catholic archbishop. In 1946 the temple was sent to the Russian Orthodox Church, in 1990 it was returned to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, and in April 1991 the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Cardinal Miroslav-John Lyubachivsky returns to the St. George’s Cathedral.

At St. George’s Mountain (Svyatoyurskaya), the site of the first church, there was buried Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl, and in 1992 in St. George's Cathedral there was held the burial of the patriarch Joseph Slipy in the crypt of the cathedral next to the tombs of two metropolitans: S. Sembratovich and A. Sheptitsky.


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