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The Savior cathedral in Pavlograd

The Holy Face of the Savior cathedral is an architectural monument in Pavlograd, Dnepropetrovsk region. Its history started in 1892, when the first stone was laid into the foundation and the area was consecrated by Archpriest John Sergiev of Kronstadt.

The Savior cathedral in Pavlograd

The money for construction, which went on for six years, was donated to the city by Jacob Golubitsky, the honorary citizen of Pavlograd. To thank the philanthropist, the church is often referred to as Golubitsky church. The cathedral was made of stone and had three altars. Its main chapel was constructed in memory of the Holy Face of the Savior, the right one was dedicated to the Annunciation, and the left one commemorated St Nicholas the Wonderworker of Myra. In the early XX century a library was opened at the church. This library contained 307 valuable books. Two parochial schools, Gorodischenskaya and Alexandrovskaya, which educated children, were opened in 1904.

The interior of the cathedral

After the Revolution of 1917 only one church remained functioning in Pavlograd – the Savior cathedral. In 1943 the city was bombed, which badly damaged the church. It was never renovated, and in 1960 it was shut down completely and turned into a gym. From the west builders added a sport school to the old church. Graves of Golubitsky and his wife interfered with the construction, so the tombstones were removed, and the remains were carelessly reburied at the city cemetery.

The Savior cathedral in winter

The cathedral was given back to the church only in 1991. The reconstruction went on until 1995, and then, for the first time in 30 years, the Divine Liturgy was held. The two chapels were renovated, and iconostasis of St. Nicholas and Holy Mother of God were installed there. These chapels were consecrated in the summer of 1996. In 1994 the two-storeyed building in the yeard was given to the church community, who founded a baptistery, a library, an office, a refectory, a prothesis and parochial school classes there. In 2002 the painting of the walls and ceilings was completed.

Nowadays the Holy Face of the Savior cathedral has the following shrines: holy relics of the saints, and a copy of the icon of Our Lady of Pochaev. The cathedral has a memorial corner with the Memory Book, dedicated to workers who died in Chernobyl, and another Memory Book of international soldiers.

Address of the Savior church: Dnepropetrovsk region, Pavlograd, Muzeyny lane, 1.


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