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Stone Babas in Dnepropetrovsk

Polovtsian steles in Dnepropetrovsk"Stone Babas" is a collection of the ancient stone sculptures in Dnepropetrovsk Historical Museum. The number of exhibits is more than 80. This figure far exceeds the number of exhibits of other collections in Ukraine. The sculptures strike not only with the quantity but also with the cultural and chronological diversity.

The most ancient steles belong to Chalcolithic (3 thousand years BC), two of them – Natalievskaya and Kernosovskaya – have no analogues in all European museums. The collection also includes several original Scythian statues, dating the VI-IV centuries BC; and the dominant part of collection belongs to the medievalStone Babas in Dnepropetrovsk statues. Due to these Polovtsian steles, which amaze the visitors with their special features, the collection became known as "stone babas."
Kernosovskaya stele, aka Keronosovsku Idol, is one of anthropomorphic sculptures of Chalcolithic. Its uniqueness lies in the ancient origin, ideal proportions and the abundance of beautiful images on it. There is no accurate information about its creation, but researchers agree that the idol depicts the protoaryan God - creator of the universe, who presented the life and well-being to humanity. The images and composition on the stele depict Stone sculptures in Dnepropetrovskscenes since the creation of the world.
The Scythian sculptures have a small variety of styles, but despite this fact the statue have the thing in common: they depict the warrior with a sword, a dagger or a bow. Polovtsian statues, XII-XIII centuries, depict male soldiers with a stern expression on faces and women with the expression of humility, timidity, and at the same time of greatness on the faces.
The collection of stone sculptures is constantly updated with new sculptures; however, due to the acute shortage of funds, there is a threat of its destruction.


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