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Stone village in Rudnya-Zamyslovichskaya

Stone village is a name of a tract that is located in the outskirts of Rudnya-Zamyslovichskaya village in Zhitomir region. It is a natural monument and the basis of a geological reservation of national importance. Stone village is located inside Zamyslovetsky forestry.

Stone village

The tract was given this name because of the large stone boulders that are randomly placed throughout several hectares of dense forest. According to one of the scientific hypothesis the boulders were brought by a glacier. Another theory tells that the collection of boulders is nothing but remnants of the mountain feet. The mountains were destroyed centuries ago, and the glacier exposed them by washing out the soil.

Stone village in Rudnya-Zamyslovichskaya

However, most people find the explanations provided by scholars boring, and this is why the history of the Stone village is surrounded with numerous legends. One of the legends tells a story of an old poor man who was tired of constant traveling and stopped by a village to ask for food. However, villagers turned out to be mean and greedy; they threw the old man out without giving him anything. One of the men threw him a piece of stale bread, but the old man could not take a single bite because the bread was too hard. The old men then became furious and dropped his dirty clothes on the ground, and that’s when everyone found out that in fact it was God who came down on Earth. He looked around the village in anger and turned it into stone. This is how God punished people for being greedy and unsympathetic. The giant stone where the man sat to have a rest still has his footprint.

Stone village in Zhitomir region

Shape of many boulders indeed resembles the shape of traditional village houses. Stone village has its own square, a school and a church. Tourists who come to the village go to visit the boulder with God’s footprint. To make the stone more accessible people even built a ladder near it. Locals believe that touching God’s footprint heals pilgrims and makes their wishes come true.

Address of the Stone village: Zhitomir region, Olevsky district, Rudnya-Zamyslovichskaya village.


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