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Syretsky dendropark in Kiev

Syretsky dendropark lies on the right bank of Dnieper, right in the historical part of Kiev. It is not widely popular, but is very valuable and therefore has the status of a reservation. A visit to the park is essential for everyone who is keen on the gardens and parks.

Syretsky dendropark

The park was built around the floral farm, which existed from 1875 and belonged to a German banker Meier. Some of the species of plants have survived since those days. The historical part occupies about 1/3 of the territory of the park, while the total area is 6,5 hectares.

The entrance to the park

The dendropark is interesting not only for its history, but also for its unique composition. The plants have been placed according to the cannons of the landscape construction, with the landscape design completing the charming image of the park. The various plants have been placed in a way that makes the park bloom in the summer and spring, and in the autumn there are all kinds of beautiful autumn colors all over the park. There are also a lot of conifers (You will find more than 50 species of pines and spruce alone) makes the park look attractive during winter. A lot of the plants featured in the park belong to the Red book. European pine spruce and Carpathian bellflower are among them. Apart from trees, you can also find a lot of flowers, mushrooms and the minor fauna, mainly snails and bugs.

The park in autumn

The park has looked like this since the 1960s: during these years more than half of the plants were planted and the landscape design has been also planned then. The paths are now covered in grass, and some of the trees have been broken by the wind and are now lying on the ground. This all makes you feel like you’re in some kind of a forest, and not in a artificially created park. It is going to take at least one day to observe all of the wonderful views of the park.


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