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Teacher's House in Kiev

History of the Teacher’s House (Budynok Vchytelia) goes back to 1899 when the Russian Ministry of National Education approved its establishment in Kiev. The opening ceremony took place in 1901. Originally, the museum did not have its own hall, and an exposition was located in the premises of the Troitskyi National House, and later in the building of the Advanced Courses for Women. The museum collection included educational historical materials, textbooks, etc.

Teacher's House in Kiev

Most of the exhibits were presented to the museum by Mogylevtsev who was the state councilor, businessman, philanthropist, and the chairman of the Kiev Exchange Committee. He allocated more than 500 000 rubles to repair the premises. Over time, the museum's collection was replenished with new historical and decorative exhibits, including atlases, globes, pictures, reproductions of famous paintings, school desks, children's crafts and essays, etc. There was also a rich library, where the teachers from all over Russia used to come to share their experiences. Soon, due to the Teacher's House in Kiev, Ukraineincreasing number of different collections, a modest rented room became small for the museum. According to the City Council decree, a garden area of ​​the first Kiev gymnasium came into possession of the museum. Moreover, permission was given to build a separate museum building. In July 30, 1910, on the birthday of Tsar Aleksander, a place for the construction was consecrated. The project architect was P. Aleshin. In 1911, the Teacher’s House was officially opened.

The museum was built in the classical style with antique elements. At the level of the third floor a frieze of bas-reliefs was made by the well-known sculptors L. Dietrich and V. Kozlov.

The inside of the Teacher's House in Kiev

Nowadays, there is the Ukrainian Pedagogical Museum and the exhibition display "Museum of the Ukrainian Revolution of 1917-1921". Near the Teacher’s House there is a monument to the prominent historian and chairman of the Central Rada Mukhailo Hrushevskyi. He was the president of the Ukrainian People's Republic and could become the first president of Ukraine, but after the coup, Hetman Skoropadskyi took power.


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