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Chernobyl museum in Kiev

Chernobyl museum in Kiev tells its visitors a story of the largest catastrophe in nuclear energy industry, the accident that happened at the fourth unit of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in April of 1986. Museum funds include about 7000 exhibits. Here you can see declassified documents, maps, photos, items of ethnic culture and personal belongings of liquidators of the accident.

A monument outside the museum

Chernobyl museum was opened in 1992 to mark the fifth anniversary of the accident. The collection of the museum has grown over time. The exhibits have been collected for some time, as it took a while to declassify the documents. Moreover, participants of the events were prohibited from speaking about it. Most of the exhibits, including maps, photos and documents, are being shown for the first time.

At the entrance to the museum the first thing visitors get to see is a plate in Latin that says “To suffering there is a limit, to being in fear there is none”. Then there is a barrier with blinking lights, which opens the way to Chernobyl. The way is a special stairs that leads to the main hall of the museum. There are road signs over the stairs that have names of 76 cities written on it. These are the 76 cities that have been destroyed by the radiation.

The first exhibition hall

Next up is the first exhibition hall. Its floor is, in fact, a plate of biological shielding from the main reactor hall. There is a real iconostasis made of fragments from Voskresensky church that were brought to the museum by its employees. This church was located in the exclusion zone. In a boat from Polesye that symbolizes Noah’s Ark visitors leave children’s toys. Near the iconostasis there are three dummies dressed as liquidators, and above them there are 2 black and white angels with their wings spread. There is a map of the world painted on the ceiling, and the lights that flash on it indicate those cities where there are working nuclear plants. The walls of the hall are decorated with social posters dedicated to everything connected to nuclear energy.

The first exhibition hall

Visitors of the museum can also watch a documentary about the accident, see a model of the power unit, and a three phase working diorama showing the stages of the disaster and the construction of the sarcophagus. Exhibits of the museum demonstrate heroism and sacrifice of people of different professions who worked together to eliminate the consequences of the disaster. Since the museum was opened, people from over 80 countries have visited it.

Address of Chernobyl museum: Kiev, Khorevoy lane, 1.


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