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Kiev Choral Synagogue

The Choral Synagogue in Kiev, which is also known as Podol Synagogue, is located in the center of the capital of Ukraine.

Kiev Choral Synagogue

It was constructed in 1895 with financial aid from Gabriel-Jacob Geselevich-Rozenberg, who was a renowned merchant. The 3-year construction was led by the famous architect G. Shleifer. It wasn’t until 1898 that the synagogue was solemnly consecrated. From the architectural point of view the synagogue was built according to the Roman style. The walls were richly decorated with stucco, there was a huge prayer hall and a special balcony for women.

The old image of the synagogue

Already in 1915-1917 the synagogue was reconstructed under the assistance of the merchant Vladimir Ginsberg.

After the revolution events in 1929 the synagogue is turned into a craft workshop. Later for some time the building was occupied by the puppet theatre. Only after the World War II the synagogue received at least some reconstruction, and during a long time it has been the only synagogue in Kiev. However, until 1992 the building was occupied by both religious people and actors.

In 1992, after Yaakov Dov Bleich became the chief rabbi of Ukraine, the building of the synagogue was completely renovated; girls’ and boys’ gymnasiums were opened, as well as the yeshiva started its work.

The view on the synagogue

In 1992 the President of Ukraine has released an order regarding the fact that every cult building should be owned by a religious community, and this event marked the beginning of the new era for the Choral synagogues as it is now owned by the Jewish community.

In 2002 the synagogue was reconstructed again. It got its domes and the beautiful golden stained glass windows back, as well as the plated gold Star of David. Nearby you fill find a small park. The territory of the park is one of the calmest and most pleasant areas where you can sit and have endless talks about anything. The parish is always hospitable and wordy.


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