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Kiev railway station

In the winter of 1870 a huge stone building in the style of English Gothic was built where the modern Vokzalna square is located. This building resembled a mighty fortress. Connoisseurs of Kiev history say that the railways station in Kiev was meant to connect the city to Odessa and Kursk.

The Kiev railway station

In the early XX century the Kiev railway station was reconstructed, and a 1-storyed building was added for the passengers. There were no conveniences besides the wooden benches to wait for the train on. Kiev authorities were estimating that the station will look like the this only for 3 years, but, in fact, the major construction began only in 1927.

The contest for construction “the gates to the city” was won by P. Alyoshin and A. Verbitsky. It was the largest construction in Kiev at that time. For 2 years builders consolidated the foundation and enhanced the area of the station, as it was estimated to host over 40000 passengers a day.

The Southern railway station

During the World War II the building of the station was destroyed. It was reconstructed in 1949, and in 1980 the facades of the station were renewed due to the 1980 Olympics.

Kiev railway station got its present look in 2002, when the construction, which lasted for 2 years, finished. In this short period a new terminal, the Southern railway station, was added to the complex. The central and suburban stations, as well as the church, were reconstructed.

The main attraction of the station

The image of the station changed drastically. Due to the demolition of certain walls the halls became more spacious, and a lot of gilt and moldings were added. Walls are decorated with tinted mirror glass, marble, and the floor around the building is granite. Every modern traveler, who visited the Kiev railway station at least once, probably has a picture of a huge glass-bulb lamp with bubbles rising up. New services, which seemed exotic to Ukrainians at first, were also added, including service centers, conference and banquet halls, and showers. The underground walking tunnels and the gallery that connects the Southern and Central stations were reconstructed. The reconstruction was completed in just 175 days.

The Southern station took the second place on an international “Architecture 2001” festival, and on a IV Ukrainian contest “Inter-Year 2003” it received the first prize in the “Interiors of administrative and public buildings” nomination.

Address of Kiev railway station: Kiev, Vokzalna square, 1.


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