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Klovsky palace in Kiev

Kiev citizens know this pretty building in Lipki district of Kiev very well. Earlier it used to be occupied by the Kiev history museum. The name of the Klovsky palace came from the name of the district, Klov, which derived from a named of the stream that was situated here. In the XI Stephan, the abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk holy abode, founded a monastery here. However, in 1240 the monastery and the neighboring Vlaherna icon of Our Lady Church were destroyed by the Tatar Mongols.

The Klovsky palace in Kiev

Not far from the destroyed monastery in 1744 there was a wooden palace that was used as a travel residency for the Emperor’s family. The Kiev-Pechersk Lavra officials decided to build a better house for the royalty. The project of the 2-storyed palace was designed by I. Sedel, and the construction went on from 1752 to 1756. S. Kovnir and P. Neelov were also involved in the construction. In 1760 the Lavra printing was located there, and then the building was given to a hospital for people who were infected with plague. In the late XVIII century the palace was given to nobility. Later it was used by the governor, the Lutherans and the First Kiev male gymnasium.

Decoration details on the facade

In 1857 the gymnasium moved to the Bibikovsky boulevard (boulevard of Taras Shevchenko), and the palace was used for exhibitions of craft and agricultural products. In 1858 Klovsky palace was once again destroyed by fire. Only in 1863 the clergy decided to reconstruct it. Next there was a female religious school. At that time the library at the Klovsky palace included 983 books, all of which were donated by philanthropists and clergy. In 1866 the building was enhanced by 2 extra houses, and in 1900 the palace was reconstructed and the third floor was added. During the World War II the building of the Klovsky palace was occupied by the Kiev seminary, as their home building was rebuilt as a military hospital.

The inside of the palace

The Civil war did not improve the look of the Klovsky palace. In 1919 it was almost destroyed by an investigation committee led by A. Denikin, who intended to search for the victims of NKVD. The search was not successful, but the palace was ruined anyway. In 1930 the palace was rebuild by the Institute for Silicate Industry.

Since 1974 the Klovsky palace hosted the Museum of history of the World War II, and in 1982 the museum of Kiev history moved there.

Nowadays the Klovsky palace is owned by the state. Since 2005 it has been occupied by the Ukrainian Supreme Court, and therefore you can only observe its beauty from the outside.

Address of the Klovsky palace: P. Orlyka street, 8.


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