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The Red yard in Kiev

Many citizens and guests of Kiev love to have rest and walk around the botanical garden named after M. Grishko. Every year about 1 million people visit the territory of the National botanical garden. They are attracted by the impressive size of the garden and the huge variety of plants. There are 8 scientific departments, where scholars research unique collections of flora, introduction and acclimatization of plants, park studies and dendrology.

The Red yard in Kiev

One more part of the National botanical garden, which is an object of historical value, is the fortress called “The Red yard”, which is located on the Vydubetsky hill. It was constructed in the XI century by Vsevolod Yaroslavovich. A magnificent view on Kiev opens from the hill. Earlier the “Red yard” fortress belonged to the most beautiful buildings in the city.

Yuri Dolgoruky loved this fortress a lot; he used to stay there often, and he died there too. As soon as this happened, the fortress was looted by citizens of Kiev who disagreed with the political views of Yuri Dolgoruky.

The Red yard in Kiev

A few years ago the “Red yard” fortress was reconstructed. The reconstruction was initiated by Viktor Pilipishin, the head of the social movement “Kiev citizens above all!”. The money for the reconstruction and building of the observation deck were donated by citizens who cared about the city. You can see the names of contributors who donated more than 1000 UAH on a special plate near the entrance to the fortress.

The observation deck was equipped with a wooden palisade, the viewing loopholes, and a two-storied tower. There are a few recreation spots and alleys. The fences and scaffolds have been made of wood according to the antique Kievan Rus style. Overall the historic atmosphere is emphasized by the plants around the observation deck. You can easily find the observation deck if you pay attention to the signs.

The Red yard in Kiev

You can visit the “Red Yard” fortress for free, but you have to pay for a visit to the National botanical garden. The garden is open every day from 10am to 5pm.

Address of the “red yard” fortress: Timiryazevskaya street, 1.


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