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The ruins of Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters

Ruins is all that has left from the Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters that was located in Strizhavka village 8 km from Vinnitsa. The headquarters operated in 1943-1944, and then the retreating German army blew up all the entrances to the bunker. However, some historians suggest that the explosions left the internal rooms undamaged.

The ruins of Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters

Initially the headquarters was a building with several stories. The upper floor was already on the surface. The walls of the bunker were several meters thick. The central zone was where Gestapo, the telephone exchange, a dining room for warlords, a pool, houses, Fuehrer’s private rooms and two underground bunkers were located. Overall there were over 80 objects in the complex. The “Werewolf” was maintained by the Vinnitsa industry and agriculture facilities located around the headquarters. The construction began in 1942. Some suppose that every one of the 4000 workers involved in the construction were later shot. The memorial desk, however, states that there were 14000 victims.

The ruins of Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters

Hitler visited the headquarters in the summer of 1942 and in February and August of 1943. The issue of elimination the headquarters was resolved in December 1943 – already in spring of 1943 all communications of the complex were blown up by the Germans.

Nowadays the territory of the ruined headquarters is part of the forestry. There are no excursions, therefore you can view boulders scattered around the woods, the remains of the pool and foundations on your own. The “Werewolf” headquarters is understandably popular with tourists. The never-ending flow of tourists, who come here on foot or by car, makes this place some kind of an open-air museum.

The ruins of Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters

Not far from the “Werewolf” headquarters you can purchase a few souvenirs, including a book about the creation of the impressive complex during war.

Address of the Hitler’s “Werewolf” headquarters: Vinnitsa district, Strizhavka village.


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