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The Saint-Pokrovsky Monastery in the Goloseevskaya desert

In 1831, the spiritual council of Kievo-Pecherska Lavra decided to begin a construction of the country monastery (skete) of the Kievo-Pecherska Lavra in Golosievo. The Goloseevskaya desert became a summer residence of Kiev MetropolitansLavra archimandrites.

Bell tower in Goloseevskaya desert

In 1845, St. Filaret (Amphiteatrov), who was especially fond of this desert, built a stone church with two aisles: the Church of Three Saints and Joannes Sochavsky. In 1910 – 1912, a stone church was built (on the place of the wooden one) in honor of the icon of Mother of God "Life-giving Source." In Church in Goloseevskaya desertaddition to the temples, there are also Metropolitans summer house with a chapel of St. John the Long-suffering, the hotel, the main yard of the Lavra and other buildings, in total - 10 constructions.

In 1923, the Goloseevskaya desert was abolished by the Soviet power. In 1930s, all the monks were expelled and the temples were destroyed. In 1941, the second line of defense of Kiev went through the Goloseevskaya desert. By the 1970s, the Goloseevskaya desert was almost destroyed. Only a part of the monastic cemetery remained intact. From 1979 to 1988, the fool-for Christ nun Alypia (Avdeeva) settled on the Goloseevskaya desert ruins. She prayed for the Goloseevskaya desert revival and predicted the monastery golden age. Alypia died in October, 1988 and was buried in the Forest Cemetery. In May, 2006 ash of the nun Alypia was moved to the Goloseevskaya desert.

Entrance to Goloseevskaya desert monastery

The revival of the Goloseevskaya desert started in1993. In 1996, it became an independent Monastery. Nowadays, all the buildings, including bell tower, monastic cemetery and Regent House, are restored. In 2007 the monastery was fenced.


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