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The Security Service of Ukraine

Nowadays the Security Service of Ukraine occupies the building that was originally built in Vladimirskaya street in 1913-1914. Previously instead of the City Council there used to be Irininskaya church from the XI century. The building was designed by an architect from St. Petersburg V. Shchuko and an engineer S. Prokofyev. The construction was completed in 1928, but the initial design, which was meant to be a medieval town hall with a tower, did not come to life.

The Security Service of Ukraine

The City Council turned out to be a 4-storeyd building with a basement and a mansard top covered in plaster and brick, with vaulted flat ceilings. Large floor purlins were constructed using metal beams and trusses. Gambrel roof was covered with iron sheets with creases. The style of the building meets the architectural forms of the late Renaissance.

The Security Service of Ukraine

Until 1918 the building hosted the city council that consisted of members that were elected for a 3 year term. Years later the building was used by the Palace of labor with the district regional and municipal labor unions, as well as Kiev section of workers in science and the unified medical society “Medsantrud”. From 1934 to 1938 secretaries of the CC CP of Ukraine S. Kosior and M. Khrushchev used to work here. When the CC moved to Mikhailovskaya square, the City Council was given to the state security units, and the headquarters of the Ukrainian NKVD were placed there.

The Security Service of Ukraine

During the World War II the building was occupied by Gestapo, from 1941 to 1943. A lot of members of Ukrainian underground happened to see its dungeons, including O. Teliga, I. Borisov, I. Rogac, J. Orshan, L. Ukrainka, Teliga M., K. Gupalo and I. Irlyavsky.

As soon as the war finished, participants of the Ukrainian national revival movement were kept in the building for investigations on charges of political crimes. I. Svetlichny V. Stus, V. Marchenko, G. Snegirev and others have been kept there. Those who were eventually convicted were transferred to the Lukyanovskaya prison.

Address of the City Council: Kiev, Vladimirskaya street, 33.


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