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The Tall Stone quarry

Zhitomir region is famous, among other things, for granite that comes from quarries. Nowadays there are over 80 granite quarries throughout the region, which is why, whenever you travel around the villages, it seems like at least half of the regional population works with granite. Pieces of granite can be seen everywhere in the village yards, and there are hundreds of advertisements regarding granite.

The Tall Stone quarry

There are also a lot of coffins, or quarries that are no longer working. One of these quarries is the Tall Stone quarry in the Novogorodetskoe village. Instead of a granite quarry there is now an artificial beautiful lake. The rocky banks of the lake reach the height of 10 meters, and this is why the lake is now known under that name. The vertical relief of the abandoned quarry attracts a lot of extreme sportsmen and climbers. They jump from the cliffs for the thrill. However, locals encourage visitors not to try their luck in that way: the number of thrown out pines on the bottom of the lake grows every year, and the bottom is also covered in granite blocks, as mining was done in ledges.

The turn to the quarry

Despite the possible danger, the view from the quarry is mesmerizing. The banks of the lake are covered in birches and pines, which reminds you of the beautiful Russian landscapes. The water in the lake has an unusual turquoise color. The water is see-through, and on sunny days you can notice the vertical rocky walls, quarry terraces and fish.

The problem is the amount of garbage covering the land near the quarry. The garbage is thrown out by the tourists who come here to have rest, and there are no cleaners to pick the garbage up. However, if you don’t pay attention to it, you’ll have a great time.

The bank of the lake

The Tall Stone quarry is a popular attraction for tourists who are looking for cool clear water and pines to protect them from the sin. Even tourists from Kiev come here to spend a couple of days in a tent at the bank of a lake. The only thing you may find annoying is the swarms of mosquitoes that are especially active in the evening.

Address of the Tall Stone granite quarry: Zhitomir region, Korostyshevsky district, Novogorodetskoe village.


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