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Victory park in Kiev

Victory park in Kiev, which was founded in 1965 in Kiev, is located in Dneprovsky district. It is dedicated to the victory of USSR in World War II. The park was constructed by architects M. Grechina, A. Zavarov, V. Ezhov, S. Weinstein, J. Mezentsev and I. Zhilkin. The park is situated near the “Darnitsa” underground station. Next to the front entrance there is a monument to a mother who is seeing her son off to the front.

The Mound of Immortality

The main alley of the park is decorated with a Mound of Immortality, which was created the same year the park was founded. In 1967 it was dedicated to warriors who gave their life for the freedom of their nation. The mound resembles a pyramid. It is composed of soil that was brought from partisan and soldier graves from all corners of USSR and Europe. There is even soil from Polish Janovsky forest. The foundation of the mound is a pentagonal star. Near the Mound of Immortality there is a monument for partisans who died while protecting Kiev.

The view from the observation wheel

In 2004 the park was majorly reconstructed. Its territory expanded to 66 hectares. This was possible due to the draining of an abandoned swamp that earlier used to be situated in the suburbs of the park. There has been added a big beautiful lake with two bridges over it. Visitors can watch the ducks that live in the lake.

One of the bridges in the park

In 2008 the park was replanned and it territory grew to 82.6 hectares. There is a small pine forest, a few alleys and sport grounds, as well as a covered skating ring “Snowflake”. Also there are several rides, both brand new and those that were brought from an amusement park that had been shut down. Here you can ride on a 30-meter high observation wheel and enjoy the view on the left bank of Dnieper.

The Victory park is one of the favorite recreation spots of Kiev citizens. A lot of people, including young moms with babies, come here every day.

Address of Victory park: Perova boulevard, 2.


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