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Church of three saints (Golberg church) in Kharkov

The Golberg Church, or Church of three saints, is located in Kharkov and was constructed from 1907 to 1915. The construction was initiated by the leader of the City merchant society Grigoriy Golberg. He provided a piece of land for the church to be built at.

Church of three saints (Golberg church) in Kharkov

The Golberg family was rather famous around Kharkov. They were into sales of paint and iron hardware. Eventually the five brothers renounced Judaism and adopted the Christian faith. That was a risky move for merchants to do. However, they were so good at their craft that they managed not only to preserve their business, but even open a paint manufacturing plant, which brought them extra profit. Grigoriy Golberg was accepted to the top guild of merchants for his success in trading. In appreciation of the title he decided to give an orthodox church to Kharkov as a gift, which was gladly welcomed not only by locals, but also by the diocesan administration.

Church of three saints (Golberg church) in Kharkov

The church was decided to be named after Three saints to honor Gregory the Theologian, John Chrysostom and Basil the Great. The contest for the best architecture project was won by professor Lovtsov, whose project was created according to the canons of church building, but also had a few revolutionary ideas. The foundation stone was laid in 1906, but, unfortunately, the author of the project didn’t have the chance to supervise the construction – in 1907 he died.

Over 2 million bricks were used for the construction, and 200 000 rubles were spent. The church was decorated with an iconostasis of Italian origin, and the walls and vaults of the church were painted by a talented artist from St. Petersburg called Alexei Sokolov. It took him 2 years to complete the paintings.

The dome of the church

The construction was finished in 1914, and the church was consecrated in 1915. Service was conducted there every day until 1923, when the church was shut down and opened as a warehouse. Next time the parish could visit the church again was in 1941. Presumably service happened there before 1941, but there is no evidence to support this fact.

Nowadays the Church of three saints is a famous Kharkov attraction and a reminder of the many events it witnessed.

Address of the Church of three saints (the Golberg church): First Cavalry street, 101.


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