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Church of the Tithes in Ukraine

Tithe ChurchThe first Christian construction built by Vladimir the Great became the Church of the Tithes in 986-996. Prince of Kiev allocated one-tenth of his income to its keeping that resulted in the name of the Tithe. Although in the documents it was called the church of the Virgin.

The stone temple had 6 floors, the foundation in the form of cross, crowned with church domes. In the XI century the building was damaged by fire, then restored and there was built a gallery. The frescoes, mosaics, carved marble slabs decorated it inside. In 1007 there was brought liturgical utensils, icons and crosses the former Korsun (Chersoneses). The church had three thrones: the main altar, altars of St. Nicholas and St. Vladimir.

Tithe Church in UkraineSubsequently, in the Tithe Church there was the prince's tomb, where rested Prince Vladimir and his wife, the former Byzantine Princess Anna. Here were also brought the relics of Princess Olga, Equal to the Apostles, as well as Yaropolk and Oleg Drevlyanskiy, who took baptism in life.
In 1169 as a result of internecine wars the Church of the Tithe was destroyed, first by Andrei Bogoliubsky, then by the troops of Rurik Rostislavich. It was completely destroyed by hordes of Batu.

In 30th of the XVII century Metropolitan Mogila made a proposal to begin excavation of ruins, and built a small church nearby, where was exhibited the ancient icon of St. Nicholas for the worship, which was brought by the Holy Vladimir from Korsun. In 1828 there began the construction of the new church on the project of St. Petersburg architect Stasov. However, the new church did not repeat the old architecture of the Tithe church, and was carried out in the Byzantine - Moscow style. In 1842 the newly built church was consecrated by Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev. After the October Revolution, the Church of the Tithe suffered the fate of most churches: it was destroyed.

In the late 30th the Institute of History led the study of the remains of the Tithe Church of the Tithes UkraineChurch, there were found the mosaic decorations of the old temple, the remains of foundations, tombs. In addition there were found the remains of boyar chambers, numerous burial IX-X centuries, craftsmen's workshops.

February 3, 2005 the President of Ukraine signed a decree on the restoration of the Tithe Church.


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