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Top 10 places to see in Kharkov

We offer you the list of 10 best sights in Kharkov, which is one of the cities for Euro 2012. Kharkov (Kharkiv) is the second largest city of Ukraine located in the East. The establishment of the city had started at the times of the Cossacks, and the city name comes from the name of one cossack Kharko. Over 15 years Kharkov was the capital of Ukraine. Now it is a major historical and geographical center of the hour capital of Ukraine. Here you can find the only in Ukraine State Standard units of time and frequency error of which is 1 second in 1-2 million years.

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1. Intercession Cathedral

Intercession Cathedral

Intercession Cathedral is one of oldest building in town. Intercession Cathedral with a bell tower was built as part of the defense structure "Kharkov fortress" in the 17th century. The gates of the monastery are decorated with the Image of Edessa. In the convent are located: the Ozeryan church, the Bishop house, deanery, the block with cells of monks and a refectory. In the 17th century here was the Kharkov Collegium where students were taught by G.Skovoroda.

2. Assumption Cathedral

Kharkov Assumption Cathedral

Assumption Cathedral is oldest Orthodox church in Kharkiv and up to 21 th century was the highest building in town, the height of its bell tower is at 89.5 meters. The bell tower of the temple is decorated with chimes. The temple is made in the Ukrainian Baroque style and was built as a palace. During the Soviet era was overseen by the Ministry of Culture, which organized in it the "House of Chamber Music." Following the acquisition of Ukraine's independence, the church building was returned to the Orthodox Church.

3. Church of the Three Hierarchs

Three Hierarchs church

The temple was built in honor of St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian in the early 19th century. The initiator of the construction in Kharkov was a merchant Mr. Goldberg. The basis for the architectural design of the temple buildings were taken from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. In addition to beautiful architecture, the church is also known for  the painting and interior. The iconostasis of the church was made by Italian craftsmen by the project and drawings of Ukrainian specialists.

4. Annunciation Cathedral

Annunciation Cathedral

Annunciation Cathedral is the magnificent building is done in the Byzantine style. The height of the bell tower of the cathedral is 75 meters.

Cathedral of the Annunciation was built in the early 19th century in place of the old church. The Cathedral was built on the money donations from parishioners. The temple has a rather unconventional and beautiful masonry iconostasis made of white marble.

5. Virgin Mary Assumption Cathedral

Virgin Mary Assumption Cathedral

This Roman Catholic cathedral with a bell tower was built in the late 18th century in Gothic style.

During the reign of the Soviet regime the cathedral was closed down, then with the acquisition of Ukraine's independence, it was re-opened and returned to the Catholic Church. At the moment it is an active cathedral.

6. St. Panteleimon Church

St. Panteleimon Church

The church was built in the 18th century, over a period of 3 years. The temple is made in the "Russian-Byzantine" style. It was partially reconstructed in the early 19th century. In Soviet times the church was closed and almost completely destroyed, but after the acquisition of Ukraine's independence, it has resumed its work.

7. Gosprom Museum

Gosprom Museum

The complex of building is in the style of "constructivism." In 1934, during the reign of Soviet power, Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine, and the building was the Council of People's Commissars of the Ukraine. In the post-Soviet era, the building complex of 60 000 sq. m. was converted to a Business Center, which houses state and private offices. In one part of the building is located the "Gosprom museum" created during the "perestroika" in the 80s .

8. Mirror Stream

Mirror Stream

The fountain "Mirror Stream" is a symbol of the city and was built in honor of the victory of the Soviet Union during World War II. The fountain is located in Victory Park, opposite the Opera House. Until the early 20th century on the site of the fountain there was a church, which during the Soviet era was demolished, and on the formed vacant lot there was built a park with a fountain.

9. Ropeway

Rope way in Kharkov

The ropeway length is of about 1400 m and extends from the Botanical Garden to the central park of culture. Kharkov ropeway is located at a height of 26m. In winter it does not work.

10. Museum of sexual sculptures

Kharkov Museum

Museum of sexual cultures of the world in Kharkov was created in the late 20th century by the sexology department of the Kharkov Medical Academy. The museum tells the story of the sexual cultures of 12 countries. That's quite a diverse exhibition with paintings of ancient Egypt and China, ancient statues, etc.

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