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Top 10 Places to see in Donetsk

Donetsk – is a city in Eastern Ukraine city on the river Kalmius. The development of the Donetks lands was begun by Zaporozh Cossacks. Originally the city was called Yuzivka, in honor of an English businessman John Hughes. Today Donetsk is the most powerful industrial center in the whole of Ukraine. However, Donetsk is famous not only for its economic power. We present the ranking of Donetsk attractions prepared by the ua-traveling for Euro 2012.

1. FC "Shakhtar" Museum


It is the largest museum of football in Ukraine. Here you can see the entire history of football in Ukraine, see a 23-foot wall of fame, awards, trophies, photos of players who played for Shakhtar. There's even a movie theater, where you can watch themed movies. Ticket cost 30 UAH. It is also possible to have a tour to the stadium Donbass Arena.

2. Ball Fountain

Ball fountain in Donetsk

Ball Fountain is located besides the stadium "Donbass Arena". It purports to be listed in the Guinness Records Book. It was made by German craftsmen in granite. A ball with the logo of the Donbass FC "Shakhtar" weighs 30 tons and is rotated by water pressure.

3. Museum of the Railway

Railway museum in Donetsk

Museum of the History of Donetsk railway is the only Ukrainian Museum of railway equipment, that is located directly at the train station. This museum has been present for 11 years. Here you can see the modern train cars and those of the production of 1898, as well as the steam locomotive built in 1929. The museum's displays represent all stages of development of the railroad for all of the 130 years. The museum consists of rail heritage conservation Fund of the New Europe.

4. Forged sculptures park

Forged sculptures park

Forged sculptures park is recognized as a unique one in Europe. And it appeared because of the annual international festival of blacksmiths art, which takes place in this park. There are walkways of forged arches, benches, a lane of lovers with "Alley of zodiac signs", a forged "Ukrainian pavilion", an avenue with fairytale characters.

5. Mertsalova Palm

Mertsalov Palm in Donetsk

Mertsalov palm is an unusual fine work, a plant produced by skilled craftsmen in the late 19th century from a piece of Donbas rails. So far the palm has been depicted on the coat of arms of Donetsk region. It has received numerous awards, including the International Industrial Exhibition Award in Paris (1900). Unfortunately, during the Soviet Union most original works of art were removed from Ukraine. At the moment the original is kept in Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

6. Botanic Garden

Botanic Garden in Donetsk

Donetsk Botanical Garden is one of the largest gardens in Europe. Founded in 1964 by a research institute the garden collection includes more than 8000 plant samples. At the garden there is a winter greenhouse.

7. Tsar Cannon

Tsar Cannon in Donetsk

Tsar Cannon, located in Donetsk is a replica of the Moscow monument, created from bronze in the 15th century. It is molded by the Izhevsk masters and is a gift and a pledge of friendship between the two cities

8. The Park of Lenin Komsomol

Park of Lenin Komsomol

In memory of the Great Patriotic War a monument to "The liberators of Donbass" has been installed. The park has also an observation deck with a magnificent view. There is also a museum of military equipment in the open, also is beeing prepared to open a maze with fountains.

9. Shcherbakov Park

Shcherbakov Park

The park has a rich and interesting history, which dates back to the XIX century. The park has many attractions, statues and monuments. Here are hosted many exhibitions, sporting and cultural events. One of the most famous monuments of the park "Good Angel of Peace" is a golden figure of an angel with a dove in his hands, which is the international symbol of philanthropy.

10. Slagheap

Slagheap in Donetsk

Slagheap is a kind of artificial mounds. Given that the industrial city of Donetsk, which in the majority of cases was built around the mines and waste heaps, today the city has about 130 of these artificial hills.
These views will be great for the lovers of science fiction or for fans of industrial landscapes and stalking.

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